Do you have current values on your jewellery? Do you know what your jewellery is worth? What if one day your jewellery was lost, stolen or damaged? Would you have a record for insurance purposes?

Appraisal Clinics


It is recommended that an updated appraisal be done every two years. With the gold prices changing, your jewellery could be under insured and a loss would not cover replacing your valuable and much loved pieces. 

We want to make it easy for you!  Appraisal clinics are held monthly at our store. 


The appraisal confirms current market value as well as purity and authenticity of your jewellery. You will receive a professional appraisal and photograph which you can provide to your insurance company to ensure a comparable replacement should a loss occur. 

Please call to get the most up to date price for appraisals. 

(604) 858-8002