The idea of people wearing birthstones dates back hundred of years. If you would like to learn more about the history of your birthstone check out:

January - Garnet
Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Brazil and Africa
Colour: Red, red-brown, orange, orange-brown, green, purple and purplish red
February - Amethyst
Origin: Brazil, Madagascar and Zambia
Colour: All shades of purple
March - Aquamarine
Origin: Africa, India, China and Brazil
Colour: All shades of blue, greenish-blue
April - Diamond
Origin: Russia, Canada and Botswana
Colour: Colourless and assorted colours
May - Emerald
Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Pakistan and Zambia
Colour: All shades of green
June - Alexandrite
Origin: Brazil, Africa and India
Colour: fluorescent light is bluish mossy green and incandescent light is raspberry red
July - Ruby
Origin: Myanmar, Thailand, Africa and Sri Lanka
Colour: All shades of red, purplish-red and orangish-red
August - Peridot
Origin: USA, Pakistan and China
Colour: Green, yellow-green
September - Sapphire
Origin: Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Thailand
Colour: Blue, violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and colourless
October - Opal
Origin: Australia, Mexico and Ethiopia
Colour: White, black, orange, yellow-orange, red-orange
November - Topaz
Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka and China
Colour: Yellow, golden yellow, orange and pink
December - Tanzanite
Origin: Tanzania
Colour: Blue, purplish-blue, violet and lavender