*These are APPROXIMATE prices. Price may vary depending on complexity of jewellery piece. All repairs are done ON-SITE. No jewellery leaves our store. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Sizing :

(based on 2 sizes - anything beyond will have to be assessed in-store)

Being sized UP:  10k   $55                             DOWN: 10k   $30

                                 14k   $75                                                14k   $45

                                 18k   $115                                              18k   $75


More than two sizes:

                                 3 sizes = 1/4 shank           4 sizes = 1/2 shank            5 sizes = full shank


                                 10k   $130                           10k   $160                            10k   in-store

                                 14k   $180                           14k   $210                            14k   in-store

                                 18k   in-store                     18k   in-store                      18k   in-store

*Please note that rings with colored stones require that the stone be protected from the heat that is applied during the sizing process. This is an additional $35 charge. 

Solders, Tips and Claws should be assessed in-store for an appropriate price.